There’s Still Time to Get A Beach Body

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With summer only half over, it’s not too late to get the swim suit look you want and even show it off this season. It’s going to take a little time and a lot of effort but if you have shied away from the sand and the surf because you’re not “beach-ready,” simply making a few small changes will have you looking and feeling better than ever in the sun!

Work the H2O. We always talk about hydration, so while you might be tired of hearing about it, it really is key to achieving results. Not only does water ward off hunger, but it also improves energy and muscle performance, while supporting your metabolism. The more you sip, the better your body will feel, plus your skin will get a beachy glow.

Try Cardio Splitting. Strategically planning your cardio sessions can keep your metabolism elevated all day long. For example, if your goal is 60 minutes of cardio each day, you may get better results splitting that time over two or three sessions verses doing it all at once. When you wake up, do 30 minutes of cardio fasted (key to targeting stored body fat!) then add other 15 minutes during the day and the last 15 minutes before your final meal. Spacing it out like this can turn you into a fat-burning machine from morning to night.

Do Compound Moves. While weight-lifting machines and isolation movements are awesome, you can burn more calories and stimulate higher levels of natural hormones that destroy body fat if you focus your workouts around compound exercises, according to So, for the next few weeks go for squats, deadlifts, bent rows, bench presses, pull-ups, etc., instead of your normal routine.

Cut Out Carbs. While summer BBQs lend themselves to carb-tastic dishes, if you want to see results you need to remove the carbs while adding in protein. This will helpyour body use fat for fuel, increase the thermic effect of food, maintain muscle, and assist in shedding excess water. This is most important in the morning when your cortisol levels are at their highest point and can really impact those fat cells. So, the longer carbs are out of your system, the stronger the effect of cortisol will be, which can make fasted cardio an even more powerful tool.

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