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Make you your new year's resolution

It is that time of year. People pledge to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, and maybe sleep more. 


Building more than just healthy bodies at Flow Fitness: Flow to Fenway

We just wrapped up our Spring Fitness Challenge here at Flow Fitness. This was the second time we ran “Flow to Fenway”.  The goal was simple; stay motivated to keep coming into the gym during the spring and maybe try something new along the way.


Sit Less, Move More

Your body has been designed for movement.  However, in our fast paced, technological society, the reality is that we have slowed down.


Have a heart?

February was Heart Health Month.  Even though it is now March, media still focuses on all the issues of heart disease and how we can prevent and treat them. 


Resolution Resolve

Every January we resolve to “do” something, “make” something, “be” someone we currently are not.  Maybe we are striving to taking the time to read more, spend less, and increase the quality of time with our friends and family.  Fantastic things for which to aim!