July 4th Survival Guide

It’s time to celebrate all of the red, white and blue with games, fireworks and of course all that delicious party food! Enjoy the day without wrecking all the great work you’ve done in the gym and in the kitchen with these tips and tricks for a fun and healthy 4th. 

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Honoring the practice of yoga

As we get ready to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, take a look at this ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India and even take to the mat yourself with a special class.


6 Weeks to summer

It may be cool outside but spring is in full swing with summer only 6 weeks away! But it’s not too late to get lean before beach season begins, now is the perfect time to change up your habits and create a healthier lifestyle!

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fight sugar cravings this valentine's day

The sweetest holiday is coming up next week but let don’t let it hinder all the hard work you did the gym! Here are 5 tips to help you kill sugar cravings just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Get more in 2019

Make this year your time to get “more” out of everything you do with our list of resolutions created to help you live your best life, not deprive you of what you love. 

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Holiday Toy Drive

This season, make a child’s wish come true the next time you’re at the gym. Simply bring an unwrapped gift to Flow Fitness by December 19th. All presents will be donated to the Lazarus House Ministries found locally here in Lawrence. 

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4 ways to stay fit during the holidays

It’s the holiday season, so bring on the sweaters, the peppermint mocha lattes and the cookie swaps! But don’t cross exercise off your to-do list and reach for the Spanx just yet, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best all season long.


fun workouts right here at riverwalk

You’re already in the office, so why not add a little exercise to your day. Burn a few extra calories and break up your 9-5 with these quick and easy ideas—you might even find yourself more motivated and productive afterwards!

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4 healthy tailgate tips

Football is in full swing—which means it’s tailgating season! Don’t skip the game because tempting eats could flag all the hard work you did in the gym. Stay on top of your game with our playbook to enjoying the party without packing on extra pounds. 

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5 Benefits of Group Fitness

Group fitness is so much more than a simple workout. It is a time to connect with other people and work directly with a fitness instructor who will challenge and improve your body in a fun, upbeat environment. Here are our top 5 benefits of group fitness—and why you might want to try a class!

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healthy guide to bbq eating

We are smack dab in the middle of barbeque season, which can make indulging almost too easy to do. But if you want to make some healthy choices and still feel like you are eating the good stuff, we’ve got a few tips to help you navigate at your next gathering.

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There’s Still Time to Get A Beach Body

With summer only half over, it’s not too late to get the swim suit look you want and even show it off this season.

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OutDOOR Recess Reimagined

Last week we hosted our second annual Riverwalk Recess at FlowFitness


It's Time for Recess

For the second year, FlowFitness is hosting Riverwalk Recess to help raise money for the City of Lawrence Recreation children’s program, Fun in the Sun.

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experience life through function

If you’ve had a fitness routine for a while or even if you are just starting out, you have probably heard of functional training. What is it exactly? Functional training is strengthening the full body using movements from life and sports. 

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eat clean for spring

The best complement to any workout is the fuel you put into your body. Don’t erase your amazing work in the gym with poor choices made in the kitchen. This season is the perfect time to start a clean eating regimen to boost your energy and your mood.

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Feel the Burn with Cold Weather Activities 

Just because the weather has been frightful doesn’t mean your workouts can’t be delightful! Try these activities for a half hour to get your heartrate up and have a little fun outdoors.

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Cycle Success

Last week we hosted our second annual a Spin-A-Thon at FlowFitness! This year we helped raise money for the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH.

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Join us for the 2o18 Spin-A-Thon!

For the second year, FlowFitness is hosting a Spin-A-Thon to help raise money for a great cause, the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH

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30-Minute Winter-Proof Workout

We love to see you in the gym, but sometimes the weather gets in the way, so we put together a workout that will still give you a Flow fix at home.

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Make you your new year's resolution

It is that time of year. People pledge to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, and maybe sleep more. 


Building more than just healthy bodies at Flow Fitness: Flow to Fenway

We just wrapped up our Spring Fitness Challenge here at Flow Fitness. This was the second time we ran “Flow to Fenway”.  The goal was simple; stay motivated to keep coming into the gym during the spring and maybe try something new along the way.


Sit Less, Move More

Your body has been designed for movement.  However, in our fast paced, technological society, the reality is that we have slowed down.


Have a heart?

February was Heart Health Month.  Even though it is now March, media still focuses on all the issues of heart disease and how we can prevent and treat them. 


Resolution Resolve

Every January we resolve to “do” something, “make” something, “be” someone we currently are not.  Maybe we are striving to taking the time to read more, spend less, and increase the quality of time with our friends and family.  Fantastic things for which to aim!