Eat Clean for Spring

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The best complement to any workout is the fuel you put into your body. Don’t erase your amazing work in the gym with poor choices made in the kitchen. This season is the perfect time to start a clean eating regimen to boost your energy and your mood.

What does it mean to eat clean? It’s all starts with choosing foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. So, if it’s boxed, bagged or packaged, it’s out. While fresh, whole foods are in. Sounds simple enough, right? Just in case, here are a few examples. Swap frozen turkey meatballs with freshly ground turkey or switch out baked veggie chips for cut-up vegetables, like carrots or jicama. And skip all highly-processed picks, from chips to cookies to ready-made meals.

Get ready to dig into some delicious dishes with these simple tips and tricks to help you kick off your new clean eating habit!

Fill Up On Fruits & Veggies. As the two staples of clean eating, all your produce should be fresh. But if you can’t find it, sometimes frozen or canned is the next best thing because they usually have the same nutrient value. And remember, this is all about the food—so while some juices are 100%, the actual fruit itself packs a bigger nutritional punch! A great goal is 5—9 servings of fruits and veggies each day, depending on your physical activity that day.

Go Whole Grain. Trade refined carbs that lose nutrients during manufacturing for their whole wheat counterparts that hold onto all their health benefits. So swap out white bread, pasta and rice for oatmeal, popcorn, barley, bulgur, whole grain bread and pasta and brown or wild rice instead.

Sip All Day Long. In general, make 8 of 8 your daily goal—meaning 8 servings of 8oz. of water each day. And no, sugar-heavy soft drinks and juices don’t count. If you miss flavored drinks, sip herbal tea or infuse your water with a slice of citrus or sprig of mint. H2O can help you feel full, curb cravings, fend off fatigue and even give you more energy. Some clean eaters cut out all alcohol and caffeine but moderation is really the key, just opt for plain tea or black coffee and avoid sweet mixers for alcohol.

Beware of the Watch List. Salt, added sugar and artificial ingredients can sabotage your clean eating awesomeness. Clean foods are naturally low in salt and sugar while processed picks are loaded with them. So, check labels for added sweeteners, excess salt, artificial colors, preservatives and other manmade ingredients—even in foods that seem healthy, like yogurt or tomato sauce. If you need a little flavor boost, try adding herbs and spices.

Now that you’ve got your food plan in place, email Charlene Morin or call 978-645-6261 to map out your work out sessions too.