Experience Life Through Function

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There are many reasons why people exercise. Weight loss, strength gain, toning and stress relief—but what about improving the way you move through the world?

If you’ve had a fitness routine for a while or even if you are just starting out, you have probably heard of functional training. What is it exactly? Functional training is strengthening the full body using movements from life and sports.  

There are seven basic functional movement patterns—pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns, like walking and running. These patterns are rooted into our being from birth, but in our increasingly sedentary world, the ability to perform these simple movements is compromised. Becoming proficient in these primary patterns will provide the strength, stability and mobility you need to succeed, whatever your health and fitness goals may be.

We’ve been busy at Flow Fitness and this month we are moving equipment to make space for a brand new functional training system. This unique piece of equipment (Look for a sneak peek next week!) will give us the ability to create exciting training programs for benefit anyone from the beginner to the athlete. 

Functional training should be a part of your fitness routine regardless of your goals, abilities or limitations. Preparing your body to move freely without risk of injury is our goal for you, so you may live life well. 

Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting details soon! But if you can’t wait to join Flow Fitness, email Charlene Morin or call 978-645-6261 now.