We just wrapped up our Spring Fitness Challenge here at Flow Fitness. This was the second time we ran “Flow to Fenway”.  The goal was simple; stay motivated to keep coming into the gym during the spring and maybe try something new along the way. The person who earned the most points won Red Sox tickets. However, the unexpected and more rewarding results for all came in the form of the relationships that were built.

As in most contests, a small group of participants emerged as the ones motivating and challenging themselves and each other to work out.  Then in a show of sportsmanship and camaraderie the top contenders starting working out together and motivating one another to get to the gym and finish their day with the most points possible.

 The first year we ran Flow to Fenway, Candi P. and Marissa F., who just met each other while taking classes here at Flow Fitness, shared the top spot in the contests for a few weeks.  Although Candi ultimately finished earning the most points, something really cool happened. In a sign of respect and friendship, she gave her prize to Marisa.  In the many years I have been running fitness promotions, this is a first for me.  What is amazing though is that it happened again.  This year’s top winner, Mike G. gave his prize to second place finisher Ali H. How cool is that? The contest truly wasn’t about the prize, it was about the experience.

It comes down to what I have always believed.  There is so much more to being a member of a gym than just exercising.  The positive effects go beyond the physical workouts and any bonus point challenges or promotions. .  It’s the people and the resulting friendships that occur for just being part of a club, a class, or a simple fitness challenge. As someone that has been involved in the health and fitness industry for nearly 30 years it is my favorite thing to witness in a gym and why I continue to do what I do.  Simply put: people need people.  

Positive people in life are part of your health as a whole. The relationships built along the way are an amazing bonus to being a member of a gym. (And may I add an employee). In the short time we have been opened, we have seen this become a part of who we are and how we are striving to become defined as the gym in Riverwalk’s “live, work and play” environment.

Here at Flow Fitness we have a unique goal of becoming “command central” of Riverwalk Properties where the play part of your day can thrive.  Now is the time to come by and meet the team at Flow and experience the positive side of fitness for yourself.  (And you may even meet your work neighbors or simply a workout buddy!)  Check us out online at www.flowfit.net