Healthy Guide to BBQ Eating

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We are smack dab in the middle of barbeque season, which can make indulging almost too easy to do. But if you want to make some healthy choices and still feel like you are eating the good stuff, we’ve got a few tips to help you navigate at your next gathering.

Go Lean. Turkey and chicken have a lot less fat and cholesterol than pork or beef—and remove the skin to cut back on even more calories. But if ribs and pulled pork are calling your name, go ahead and have a little, just keep it to one serving. According to Self, your ideal portion for meat is the size of your palm.

Meat your Match. Burgers and steak are total BBQ standbys, so don’t shy away from them. Have your burger bun-less—you can make a lettuce wrap or even eat it as is, right off the grill. And opt for a veggie-loaded kabob instead of traditional T-bone—peppers, onions, mushrooms and even tomatoes are delish with steak on a stick.

Fill Your Plate. With fresh fruits and veggies! Section off half of your plate and pile on the chopped salad, crudités, watermelon and grilled corn—yes, corn on the cob is a vegetable, just don’t be tempted to cover it in butter. These nutritious, low-cal picks will leave you feeling full without leaving room for less healthy options on your plate.

Choose Sides. There are just some BBQ treats you crave. If coleslaw is one of them and you just have to have it, then swap out the mayo option for the vinegar-based one. You’ll still get the crunchy goodness you want without the fat and calories you don’t. Same goes with potatoes, go for a baked potato with cheese for protein and a dash of BBQ sauce for the yum factor!

DIY A Dish. One of the easiest ways to ensure you can find something good for you is to bring it! Offer to make a plate to share, you’ll be contributing to the party while also ensuring you have a fall back if healthy options are scarce.

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