4 Healthy Tailgate Tips

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Football is in full swing—which means it’s tailgating season! Don’t skip the game because tempting eats could flag all the hard work you did in the gym. Stay on top of your game with our playbook to enjoying the party without packing on extra pounds. 

No False Starts. Showing up hungry isn’t the best play. If you arrive feeling famished, you are much more likely to devour whatever you can get your hands on first. Instead enjoy a healthy protein packed breakfast to keep you satisfied and curb cravings. Night game? No problem, just make sure you have a protein-based snack before you head out.

Be Your Own Waterboy. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Alternating between boozy drinks and bottles of water will cut calories, ward off headaches and keep you pumped for the game. You can also sip seltzer with cut-up fruit as a fun alternative as well!

Train for it. Making a game plan is key for any social event. Score a touchdown with your team by cooking up a few healthy dishes to contribute. Grilled wings, veggie soups and chili are always crowd-pleasers, plus you’ll feel good snacking on these options. Need some ideas, click here for recipes!

No Excessive Celebrating. Choose a splurge or two and really enjoy it. One brownie or cocktail isn’t going to totally wreck your workout progress, just don’t go overboard. Have fun, this is a party after all. 

And remember, tailgating isn’t all about the food, so don’t get hung up on the calories. Take time to enjoy the friends and family you are with, relax and watch the game!

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