July 4th Survival Guide


It’s time to celebrate all of the red, white and blue with games, fireworks and of course all that delicious party food! Enjoy the day without wrecking all the great work you’ve done in the gym and in the kitchen with these tips and tricks for a fun and healthy 4th. 

H20 Before You Go. We know you’ve heard how important hydration is when you are out in the heat—but you know what? It can also help you keep your eating in check too! Before you leave the house for that block party, drink a bottle of water. You’ll fill up a little so the snack table isn’t as appealing. And keep sipping during the party, it’s easy to mistake hunger for thirst which can lead to overeating when your body isn’t even looking for food!  

Hit the Grill Up. Doesn’t the grill just make everything taste better? Plus, it can keep fat to a minimum too. So, fill your plate with grilled chicken, lean turkey and hamburgers, rich portabella burgers, corn on the cob, veggie skewers and so much more!

Bring A Side or Two. Contribute to the party while making sure you have a side dish you know is yummy and healthy. A veggie platter, green salad and cut-up watermelon are always picnic worthy but what’s a barbeque without pasta salad, right? Check out these amazing and low-calorie picks from Hungry Girl, they taste so good, guests won’t know they are good for them too!

Play On. Embrace the fun and spirit of the event. If there is a volley ball or Frisbee game, join in. Start a game of tag with the kids or even a water balloon fight! You’ll have a blast and even burn a few calories. 

Have Dessert Too! Cool off with a smart frozen treat, like a popsicle or a fruit bar or try roasting marshmallows, they are a low cal sweet that’s also fun to make—you can even pick up sugar free, gluten free marshmallows!