Fun Workouts Right Here at Riverwalk

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You’re already in the office, so why not add a little exercise to your day. Burn a few extra calories and break up your 9-5 with these quick and easy ideas—you might even find yourself more motivated and productive afterwards!

Master the Stairs. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. We know most mornings you are lugging laptops and carrying coffees, so schedule some time in your calendar for a fast, ten-minute break and climb a few floors—according to Live Strong, a person weighing 160 lbs. will burn 102 calories walking up and down stairs in that short amount of time. Plus, Step Jockey reports that just 7 minutes stair climbing a day for 10 years has been estimated to significantly decrease the risk of a heart attack.

Take A River Walk. Get some fresh air and enjoy the views along the Merrimack Riverwalk. This 1.3-mile path stretches along the southern bank of river with several entry points located right within our development. Click here to check out all nine spots where you can access this beautiful amenity.

Sit or Stand. Spending too much time slumping at your desk? What about sitting on a stability ball or stability ball chair? It can improve balance because you’re constantly engaging core muscles to stay upright—and the stronger your abs, the better your posture and lower back protection. You could also step up to a standing desk, this new trend is great for reducing back pain and adding a slight calorie burn simply by standing around!

Try A Class. Spend your lunch hour trying out a group fitness class. From Spin, Barre and Tabata to Yoga, HIIT and more, there are so many programs offered at Flow Fitness. And with more classes being added to the schedule, you can choose a new workout every day!

Click here to check out our Group Fitness Classes or email Charlene Morin to get more info.